Why consider knowledge centered support

  1. Consolodate disparate knowledge into a unified resource
  2. Lower support costs through timely incident/problem resolution
  3. Provide faster response times to incidents
  4. Structured data is easier to search, find and deliver
  5. New support staff have powerful knowledge at their disposal
  6. Decrease training time and costs for new support personnel
  7. Provide a web-based self-serve knowledge base for your clients
  8. Your budget just got cut

Signs you need KCS at your workplace

  • Your helpdesk is getting busier
  • Your helpdesk is answering the same questions / resolving the same issues regularly
  • In order to retrieve information you need to consult different sources
  • Your web-based helpdesk system is not being used - people keep calling the helpdesk
  • Training new staff takes too long
  • Technical resolutions to problems are getting more complex
  • Helpdesk staff burn-out
  • You team is so busy "putting out fires", that they don't have time to document how to stop the fires starting in the first place.

 Things you might overhear people saying (or say yourself)

  • "Didn't we answer the same question before?"
  • "Is this information up-to-date and reliable.  Is there a newer version of this?"
  • "Who wrote this information - it appears to have an error in it!"
  • "Why can't people just find this information on the net?"
  • "This information should not be published like this - it's classified!"